MEDScholar offers a myriad of assistance with various medical needs; whether it be help with CASper, CCFP, MCCEE; among others.

Our trained medical doctors and professionals are dedicated to nothing more than providing you with the best possible assistance we can offer for all USMLE steps, CCFP, NAC-OSCE, and a number of other medical ventures. We cater to all learning styles; whether you have ADHD, non-verbal learning disability, or anything else in that vein. Medical exams aside, we also provide you with assistance regarding the top residential education.

Dr. Klein M.D.

From the complexities of CASPAR to the mind-numbing properties of CCFP, Dr. Klein will always be available to assist you in any way. Contrary to the stiff-as-a-board severe scientists with piercing gazes, Dr. Klein is relaxed, easygoing, and will make you learning experience considerably much more stress-free while still thoroughly attaining the knowledge necessary for exams.

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